When told by a leading postgraduate institution that I needed £40,000 to fund my way through a Masters course, I - like thousands of other students in the UK - was priced out of education. So, I decided to design my own. I contacted leading designers; Thomas Thwaites, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Seetal Solanki and Room Y, with a request for briefs, whilst simultaneously growing a support network of mentors and peers to help me along the way.  The results of this learning experiment were showcased in a solo show at Somerset House in June 2019.

How do you validate M.Y.O.M.?

Short answer, you don’t. Art education has always followed the same structure as the rest of academia, but art is so unlike every other subject - it’s subjective.There is no right or wrong answer, whether it works or not changes entirely depending on the audience. So how do you tangibly grade this? In industry, work is not deemed successful by a governing body or a certificate of approval. The work proves itself through audience reaction, industry recognition, awards and client satisfaction. Why can’t we take a similar approach to learning?
Each of my projects is supported by a reference from my briefers, who will comment on how well they believe I answered their brief - the rest of the verdict comes entirely from the audience (you).  Here are a few examples of the feedback forms recieved at the show. Please feel free to comment with our own opinions on this site.

My work and learning is as a representation of what I do and know, without name or institutional privilege ever being a part of the conversation.

See More: Validation Forms

Whats next for M.Y.O.M.?
I have a system that works, a body of work to support it and an extensive knowledge into what alternative education could look like.

However, the challenge I faced still exists, and there are many people that are still unable to access postgraduate education. So how can MYOM create an opportunity for others?

I am currently in the process of establishing M.Y.O.M. as a viable alternative for others to learn. Interested in being involved or simply want to more....

Get in touch: staciewoolsey@gmail.com

Visit: www.makeyourownmasters.com