Humans are the only mammals to drink milk post-infancy. Adults don’t need milk, they just drink it out of compliance and comfort.

Due to the large environmental impact dairy production has, do we need to reconsider milk?

Yet milk is steeped in history, meaning and culture that cannot be disregarded. So how do we reduce the consumption of milk whilst keeping its fundamental values intact?

Milk has benefits for the young, the weak and the elderly. By redesigning milk bottles for these life phases, can we change the complacent behaviour of milk-drinking adults to highlight this product as purely a comfort  and not a necessity? 
Each bottle has been redesign to work better for those that actually need milk. The forms work to provide better acces, the size reflects recomended intake per week, while the texture and malubility of the bottel aims to provide more comfort, while building emotional connections to the bottles themselves.
The emotional and personalable elements aim to enourage the user to take more care in their consumption of milk. Educating and including the consumer in the entire milk  production cycle, from farm to fridge. Creating a more local and transparent production line.

“Stacie has delved into a material that is so deeply embedded in history and intrinsically linked with human behaviour which is somewhat difficult to navigate and shift perceptions. She has dealt with this topic in a thorough and holistic manner. Creating an entirely new system that is based on re-education which enables a society to adopt new behaviours that actually caters to a community, the environment and the future health of the planet and the people. It’s been a real pleasure witnessing Stacie’s development throughout M.Y.O.M. She’s been able to develop her own toolkit and methodology where she can now go on to create her own identity as a designer and change the way in which we choose to learn.”
-Seetal Solanki